Colleen Tracy, MD

Colleen Tracy, MD

Colleen Tracy, MD

Listening to patients. Understanding their story. It’s the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Dr. Colleen Tracy has a long history with Tri-County Family Medicine starting as a patient. She was born in Dansville and grew up in Loon Lake, outside of Wayland, NY.

From watching and experiencing great care at Tri-County, she knew early on that becoming a family physician was the best way to give back to her community. She graduated from Union College in Schenectady, NY with a Masters Degree in Healthcare Management and then went on to study and graduate from Albany Medical College and finally, the University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency Program.

Her approach to care has always been all about the patients making community health a great match for her. She finds it to be a true honor and privilege that her patients feel comfortable enough to share their time with her – it’s a key motivator for her to come to work every day!

“I find that patients want to share their story if offered the time to do so. From their concerns and fears to their motivations and goals, understanding a patient’s story is the basis for creating a relationship to build a healthy life. And it’s one of the most important clinical tools that we can employ.”

What does Dr. Tracy do in her spare time? She spends time with her family! She is also an avid hiker and runner. She loves to run around town on the weekends with her Hungarian Vizsla, Copper.

Meet Colleen Tracy, MD

Dansville Health Center

Nichole Murphy, Adult-Gerontology NP

Nichole Murphy, Adult-Gerontology NP

Nichole Murphy, Adult-Gerontology NP

Patient-centered care is all about listening to each patients’ goals including their family dynamics.

Though Nichole has experience with intensive care and even cardiology, she came back to practice primary care in our small community to prevent acute illnesses and help manage chronic diseases. It’s her goal to help educate patients to improve their quality of life.

Nichole chose a rural community because she grew up in one near the Allegheny National Forest. She enjoys smaller communities because she gets to know the patients and their families while learning about the area she lives in.

She chose Tri-County Family Medicine (TCFM) after completing a Rural Post Graduate Nurse Practitioner Residency with TCFM and appreciated the support and culture here.

Nichole has a Master of Science in Nursing and is certified as an Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner.

In her free time, she likes to hike with her mini-Aussie, go on adventures with her niece, travel, and spend time with her husband at her camp in Pennsylvania.

Meet Nichole Murphy, Adult-Gerontology NP

Geneseo Health Center

Leah C. Kidder, PA-C

Leah C. Kidder, PA-C

Leah C. Kidder, Physician Assistant

Family medicine gives me the ability to care for entire families. It’s a chance to build great relationships.

Leah C. Kidder has been practicing medicine for five years and chose to come back to her hometown to give back to the community she grew up in. She chose a medical career, to not only help people understand the importance of staying healthy but also because she is amazed at the complex physiology of people and wanted to study it daily.

She also takes a very personal approach to patient care. She realizes that each patient is unique and wants them to play a role in their healthcare decision-making because each may require a different approach to treatment.

You can sum up physician assistant Leah Kidder as a very positive person. She enjoys making people smile and finds the positivity she receives from them and her coworkers rewarding.

When she isn’t at Tri-County, she is outdoors with her beautiful family.

Meet Leah C. Kidder, PA-C

Wayland Health Center

Dr. Heidi M. Robinson (Carr), DNP, RN, FNP-C, BC-ADM, CDCES

Dr. Heidi M. Robinson (Carr), DNP, RN, FNP-C, BC-ADM, CDCES

Dr. Heidi M. Robinson (Carr),

It’s all about bringing healthcare to my friends, family, and neighbors.

Heidi Robinson pays it back by taking care of those that helped her succeed and pays it forward by caring for future generations. Heidi grew up in the area and chose to go into nursing with the encouragement of the US Army and had the opportunity to provide nursing care to people around the world.

Working with the 10th Mountain Division Physician’s Assistants made her want to return to school to be a Family Nurse Practitioner to care for the whole person.  Her passion for diabetes management came from multiple family losses related to diabetes. She focuses on bringing specialized diabetes management close to home with the understanding of local issues and culture that can affect the process.

She continued her education and earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree at St. John Fisher College which will help her advocate for rural health, professional nursing, and diabetes matters. 

Her motivation is to help make someone’s life a little better each day. “I’m thrilled when someone has that ‘ah-ha moment’ of success in managing a chronic condition, or it may just be the time I spend listening to someone’s serious concerns that help make their day better.”

She chose to work at Tri-County Family Medicine so that she could practice in her own community. Every day she tries to put things in plain language so that she can have real conversations with her neighbors and friends about making a personal plan for better health.

In her spare time, she likes spending time with her family, gardening, hobby farming, and practicing her faith.

 Meet Dr. Heidi M. Robinson (Carr), DNP, RN, FNP-C, BC-ADM, CDCES

Canaseraga Health Center

Joseph DePra, MD

Joseph DePra, MD

Joseph DePra, MD

A passion for building relationships and practicing medicine.

A graduate of the Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. DePra has practiced medicine for nearly 30 years. Called into medicine from a young age, he loves the variety and relationships he builds in family medicine. Those relationships are what keep him motivated. He’s known many of his patients for over 20 years.

The relationships he has with his patients are also a part of Dr. DePra’s approach to patient care. He likes to relate to and focus on the individual needs and personalities of each patient.

Patient relationships are not the only thing important to Dr. DePra. He joined Tri-County Family Medicine because of the staff. “My colleagues are a great group of service oriented, patient focused doctors,” Dr. DePra said. “And they balance career and family life well.” We like to think so too, Dr. DePra.

When he is not making friends and serving the community, Dr. DePra does likes to fish, hunt, practice Taekwondo, and do mission work in Guatemala.


Meet Joseph DePra, MD
Wayland Health Center

Gayle Mosher, MD

Gayle Mosher, MD

Gayle Mosher, MD

Where curiosity and compassion intersect to benefit children. Meet Pediatrician, Dr. Mosher.

Dr. Mosher has been a pediatrician for over 25 years and with Tri-County since 2015. She’s board certified in both pediatrics and medical genetics. Her training and every day experience as a pediatrician help her meet the unique needs of children, through all of their developmental stages, as they grow and mature.

Her compassion and concern for issues that affect children and adolescents is what led her to practice medicine. That same compassion is Dr. Mosher’s approach to patient care.

Dr. Mosher says that Tri-County Family Medicine’s great reputation is what influenced her to join us. “Tri-County has community-based values and global concerns. We share a common goal to provide the best of care to our patients each and every day.”

Not only is Dr. Mosher a great pediatrician and mother of two, she is a skilled photographer. When she’s not capturing the beauty of nature, she enjoys hiking.

Meet Gayle Mosher, MD
Wayland Health Center