Amber Rhow, PA-C

Amber Rhow, PA-C

Amber Rhow, Physician Assistant

She chose family medicine and then she chose to come home.

Amber Rhow, MPAS, spent ten years as an X-ray technologist but wanted to do more. She wanted more interaction with patients which sent her to the University Medical Center Nebraska to become a Physician Assistant where she graduated with High Distinction. And then she chose Tri-County Family Medicine and that’s what got her closer to home.

“I love the sense of community here, you just can’t get that in a big city. The pride Dansville has is contagious. I enjoy being surrounded by the Tri-County team that truly cares about their patients.”

Amber chose family medicine because she wanted to establish long term relationships with her patients. Connecting with her family in the area is the bonus.

It’s safe to say Amber is comfortable in our small community. She likes seeing familiar faces when she goes out for her groceries. She also enjoys having an impact on people’s lives – explaining health options and allowing them to choose what’s best for their lifestyle.

Outside of work, Amber likes being with her big family who get together any chance they get. She enjoys the Finger Lakes area especially when hiking with her dogs.

Meet Amber Rhow, PA-C

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Bridget Quibell, PA-C

Bridget Quibell, PA-C

Bridget Quibell, Physician Assistant

Inspired by her mom, Bridget is now following in her healthcare footsteps.

As an adolescent, Bridget Quibell, knew she wanted a career that would allow her to help people. Inspired by her mother, who was a registered nurse, Bridget has been a physician assistant for 26 years, 18 of them at Tri-County.

Graduating Cum Laude from Saint Francis College, Bridget began her career in Elmira, New York before relocating to Pennsylvania. It wasn’t long before she found herself back in New York state practicing medicine. Bridget joined Tri-County in 2001 and has been with us ever since.

Tri-County has something that’s made Bridget stay all these years. “I chose Tri-County Family Medicine because we put the patient first. We have so many ways to help people in our care and in our community.”

Why does she continue to practice medicine? “My patients motivate me to come to work every day. So many patients are looking for help and working hard to stay healthy. It is a real privilege to share in a patient’s success story.”

Outside of work, Bridget likes to read and walk her dog, Jack. She also loves to travel with her husband to visit their daughter and together they enjoy being a part of the community.


Meet Bridget Quibell, PA-C

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Jill Matzek, PA-C

Jill Matzek, PA-C

 Jill Matzek, Physician Assistant

For twenty years, she has been patient-focused with a passion for medicine.

Physician Assistant, Jill Matzek has been interested in medicine since she was a child. While in college, she learned about the physician assistant profession from a provider in the student health center at her school. She was intrigued, and the rest is history. Jill has been with Tri-County Family Medicine for almost 20 years.

Tri-County Family Medicine left an impression on Jill when she completed a rotation during her medical training. So much so, she joined us right after she graduated. “I was impressed with the excellent patient care, compassion, and friendliness of the entire staff. As a PA, I’m thankful to have approachable physician colleagues who are always willing to answer questions and see patients in consultation.”

As a primary care provider, Jill’s approach to patient care is patient focused. She wants her patients to understand their medical conditions and participate in their treatment plan. It’s a partnership that makes Jill’s relationship with her patients important. Her patients and colleagues motivate her, it’s the reason she comes back every day.

In her spare time, Jill enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two sons.


Meet Jill Matzek, PA-C

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Lauren Marino, PA-C

Lauren Marino, PA-C

Lauren Marino, Physician Assistant

Coming home to make a difference with compassionate patient care.

Lauren Marino, PA-C has been a practicing physician assistant for 12 years. She joined Tri-County Family Medicine in 2012, with experience working in both large and small healthcare facilities.

A graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology, Lauren returned to upstate New York to begin her medical career. She chose Tri-County Family Medicine to serve the community she grew up in. “It’s an honor for me to give back and stay close to my family.”

Lauren’s compassion, desire to make a difference, and to help those in need is why she chose a career in medicine. Specifically, family medicine which Lauren says, “I have always been motivated by the community, family and patient-based perspective of family medicine. No other specialty embraces all of this.”

Motivated by her patients and fellow clinicians, Lauren comes to work every day because she enjoys helping her community achieve their healthcare goals.

In her spare time, Lauren likes to spend time with her friends and family.


Meet Lauren Marino, PA-C

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Martha Yanda, PA-C

Martha Yanda, PA-C

Martha Yanda, Physician Assistant

Her dedication to providing the best of care in smaller communities, brought her here and keeps her here.

Martha Yanda has been practicing medicine for 43 years and with Tri-County Family Medicine for over 30. Prior to joining Tri-County Family Medicine, Martha was an emergency room physician assistant. She is also a distinguished fellow of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and has been for more than 40 years.

She was raised in Allegany County and came back to this area because she believes people deserve the best of care no matter where they live. She chose Tri-County because “we offer the most for patient care and health maintenance. Working here offers me the opportunity to get to know the whole patient before I move forward.”

When she’s not working, she enjoys gardening, playing piano or organ, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Meet Martha Yanda, PA-C

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