Bernard Sweeney, MD

Bernard Sweeney, MD

Bernard Sweeney, MD

Love of family medicine and the outdoors brought him to Tri-County. And keeps him here!

Dr. Sweeney is passionate about medicine as well as the outdoors. When his wife came to Rochester to train as a Physician Assistant, he came too. He discovered Letchworth State Park, Stoneybrook, Niagara Falls, and the Finger Lakes. And he hasn’t looked back.

Dr. Sweeney is a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Medicine and has practiced for 34 years, 20 of them at Tri-County. He chose family medicine because he enjoys its diversity and personally understanding his patients’ values and outlook on life.  His approach to patient care is to treat people with respect and to listen. “I need to acknowledge their difficulties and try to work with them to stay healthy. The challenge of primary care is very enjoyable because every person is unique.”

There were many reasons Dr. Sweeney chose Tri-County but one stands out. He likes working with a diverse group of providers here but interestingly they all share the same goal – to treat people as you would want to be treated.

Needless to say, after 20 years in Geneseo, Dr. Sweeney is pretty well known in the community and he enjoys it. “I’ve diagnosed a few cases of Shingles in the grocery store,” he says with a chuckle.

In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and gardening. Yoga is another passion along with jigsaw puzzles.

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Melinda Tellier, FNP-C

Melinda Tellier, FNP-C

Meet Family Nurse Practitioner, Melinda Tellier

When your career chooses you.

Melinda Tellier, FNP-C, says that she didn’t choose family practice, it chose her. Her mother was a Physician Assistant at Tri-County Family Medicine for several years. Growing up, Melinda saw how much her mother loved her job and how her patients loved her. Practicing medicine was engrained in her life and was always her career goal.

Melinda joined Tri-County after working as a Nurse Practitioner for three years. She also worked as a Registered Nurse prior to getting her Master’s Degree at the University of Rochester.

Melinda has a holistic approach to patient care. Thinking about every aspect of her patient’s life, not just their health. “I try to think about what other barriers they may be facing and how I can help.”

And helping her patients overcome health and life barriers is what motivates Melinda every day. “I genuinely enjoy when I see someone succeed in their health and life. I have the privilege to be a part of that.”

Melinda is married with three children and in her spare time, enjoys spending time with her family.

Meet Melinda Tellier, FNP
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Debra Reifenrath, PA-C

Debra Reifenrath, PA-C

Debra Reifenrath, PA

Family health is at the heart of good health.

Medicine has always come naturally to Debra Reifenrath, PA-C. A practicing physician assistant for more than 30 years, Debra says that when she realized that she had the ability to support those in need, in a different way, she became passionate about medicine.

Working at Tri-County Family Medicine for 17 years has given Debra the opportunity to help a specific population, one that has experienced a healthcare disparity and inequity of resources. It’s what drew her to the organization.

Debra has had an unconventional path to becoming a physician assistant, earning degrees in both massage therapy and athletic training along the way. Even with those additional skills in her professional tool box, contributing to the overall health of her community is what motivates Debra to come to work every day.

“Family health is at the heart of good health. A healthy family means supporting one another to thrive and do well together and it’s the foundation of overall community health.”

When Debra is not providing care to her patients, she likes to spend her free time outdoors either mountain biking or gardening and spending time with family and dogs.

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Maggie Schuyler, PA-C

Maggie Schuyler, PA-C

Physician Assistant, Maggie Schuyler

From sports medicine to family medicine.

Maggie Schuyler began her career in sports medicine. Working as an athletic trainer in a small college in Maine, she yearned for more. Family medicine became the obvious choice and would give her the opportunity to build relationships with patients across their lifespan. That was the “more” that Maggie needed.

Joining Tri-County Family Medicine was a natural transition for Maggie. Her husband grew up in the area and after he retired from the Navy, it made sense for them to return here. And being connected to a small community where almost everyone knows your name makes it that much better.

Maggie believes that an informed patient is a happy patient. “I want my patients to have all the information regarding their condition and the potential options for management available to them.” This helps patients make informed decisions about their healthcare.

When asked what motivates her to come to work every day, Maggie says it’s her family, patients, and colleagues. “I enjoy connecting with my patients, and I am fortunate to work with such talented colleagues.”

Maggie enjoys spending time with her family, in the outdoors–biking, hiking, fishing, boating, and camping, but enjoys sharing stories and laughing most of all.

Meet Maggie Schuyler, PA-C
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